Tsai,Tzong-Ru, Dean and Prof


1992 to 1996   Ph.D., Statistics
National Chengchi University (Taiwan)

Academic Experience
Professor, Department of Statistics, Tamkang University
Associate Editor, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation

Served as
Executive Editor, International Journal of Intelligence Technologies and Applied Statistics
Associate Editor of the Editorial Board: Probability and Statistics, The Scientific World Journal
Associate Editor, Journal of the Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers
Chairman, Department of Statistics, Tamkang University

Foxconn, Taiwan
Industrial Technology Research Institute

TEL:886-2-26215656 ext 2590、3629

►The Status Quo

    In 2012, the former College of Business and the College of Management merged to become the College of Business and Management, with the mission to cultivate modern managers with global vision and business expertise. With more than 9,028 students and 187 full-time faculty members, it is the largest College of Business and Management in Taiwan.
   Currently, the College of Business and Management offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in twelve departments, including: International Business, Banking and Finance, Risk Management and Insurance, Industrial Economics, Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Statistics, Information Management, Transportation Management, Public Administration and Management Sciences. In addition, doctoral degrees are offered in Banking and Finance, Industrial Economics and Management Sciences Departments. Eight departments also offer an Executive Master’s Program for adult education.
   The college stands out for offering high quality programs taught completely in English, including bachelor’s and master’s programs and dual degree programs. For example, Bachelor’s Program in Global Financial Management, Master's Program in Business and Management, and TKU-QUT Dual Master Degree Program in Finance, etc. In order to meet social demands, the college also offers Master's Programs in Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Master’s Program in Digital Business and Economics, and Doctoral Programs in Finance industry and Business management.
   Furthermore, the college has signed double-degree agreements with several sister schools overseas, such as the University of Michigan-Flint, University of Queensland and IAE Lyon 3. Through double-degree programs, students may obtain domestic and international degrees at the same time. The “International Journal of Information and Management Sciences”, an international academic journal published by the college accepted by the EI, fully demonstrates effective academic research at the school. In the future, the college will actively promote international academic exchanges, enhance the strategy of teaching classes in English, and implement the policy of junior year students study abroad, to cultivate the student’s global vision and promote the College of Business and Management as a business school in Asia which emphasizes both research and teaching.

►Our Mission 

   We provide a learning environment for both theory and practice, to elevate the competitive advantage of students and to satisfy the needs of business. We promise to cultivate professional and excellent managerial human capital dedicated to ethical conduct with a responsible attitude, humanities accomplishment and global vision for the society.

►Our Educational Goals

1. Acquisition of professional knowledge
2. Learning effective self-planning
3. Theoretical application of practical matters
4. Interpersonal communication and teamwork
5. Analysis of problems and recommendations
6. Awareness of Ethics as a global citizen
►Development Strategy

1.Implementation of the school’s globalization policy
   The College of Business and Management has established a program for undergraduate and graduate students to study abroad short-term in well-known sister universities located in Europe, United States, and Japan. In addition, the college has signed an agreement of dual degrees with the University of Michigan Flint, the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology, providing an efficient channel for students to obtain dual master’s domestic and international degrees.

2.In response to internationalization trends
   The College of Business and Management actively recruits foreign students and exchange students from sister universities. The college provides English learning environments and opportunities for local and international students to learn and interact with each other. The goal is to cultivate business and management talents with global vision and international communication skills.

3.Integration of related courses among departments
   In order to simplify the curricular structure, the College of Business and Management construct core courses for degree programs. There are 9 core courses in Bachelor of Business Administration program, 6 core courses in Master of Business Administration and 3 core courses in Executive Master of Business Administration program. English taught core courses are available for foreign students to earn degree in College of Business and Management.

4.Promote University-Industry Activities
   In order to bridge the gap between theory and practice, the College of Business and Management actively promotes cooperative programs between the college and industries. Such programs offer students work experiences, to strengthen their professional skills and competitiveness, so that they can enjoy a seamless transition from education to employment.

5.Encourage teachers to actively engage in academic research
   Several academic journals published by the College of Business and Management’s departments have received professional affirmations in respective academic fields both at home and abroad. For example, the “International Journal of Information Sciences” published by the Department of Management Sciences is indexed in EI Compendex engineering database. The “Journal of Contemporary Accounting” published by the Department of Accounting was evaluated by the TSSCI and designated as a Level 2 periodical. The Department of Business Administration also publishes “Management Research” to highlight academic research results.
►Future Outlook 
   The College of Business and Management will continue working diligently to provide excellent professional management education in Taiwan through research, teaching, and service. It will keep attracting outstanding new faculty members, along with modern facilities and teaching equipment to enhance student–faculty interaction. In order to attract more students of excellence, the college’s future development direction will include additional international and cross-strait exchange programs. To keep up with the latest globalization trends, the college evaluates and establishes new programs periodically and constructs
new curriculum courses taught in English. Such initiatives provide an international learning environment and create more opportunities for students to collaborate with international students. As we proposed in our mission: “we promise to cultivate professional and excellent managerial human capital dedicated to ethical conduct with a responsible attitude, humanities accomplishment and global vision for the society.”